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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising from Frumlife

The Story of The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising~Never Forget!


Jewish youth today, are being assimilated. Many have become "ashamed" of their roots and identify with the heroes of the countries they live in. Even in Israel, most are not aware of the bravery and heroism of their Jewish ancestors~an appalling situation considering what it took for the Jewish People to survive thousands of years and re-build the State of Israel. 
On  19 April 1943, exactly seventy years ago, thirteen thousand Jews were killed during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Of those, some some six thousand were burnt alive or died from other causes. The Germans had planned to liquidate the Warsaw ghetto in three days, but the heroic ghetto fighters held out for more than a month, with only the most rudimentary of weapons and their own determination.
Mordechai Anielewicz, was the leader of Żydowska Organizacja Bojowa (Jewish Combat Organization), also known as ŻOB, during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising from January to May 1943. As the fighting in the ghetto continued, Anielewicz and senior ZOB fighters retreated to the ZOB Central Bunker at 18 Mila Street. On 08 May 1943, the bunker was discovered, its five exits were blocked, the main entrance was broken open, and canisters of poisonous gas were thrown inside.
Icchak Cukierman, also known by his nom de guerre Antek, or by the anglicized spelling Yitzhak Zuckerman, was another of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Zukerman survived, the war and later testified for the prosecution in the trial of Adolf Eichmann.
On 23 April, Anielewicz wrote to Zukerman, who was on the "Aryan" side seeking help for the uprising. The letter concluded with the following words: [* Note: Wording differs slightly in sources~See Version Below Video]
  Keep well.
Perhaps we’ll see each other.
What’s most important~the dream of my life has become a reality.
I lived to see Jewish defence in the ghetto in all its greatness and splendour...

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