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The Fogel family names live on

The last year has seen at least 20 babies become the namesakes of the late Udi, Ruthie, Yoav, Elad and Hadas Fogel 
"People keep calling us to tell us of another baby boy or girl," says Tali Ben-Yishai, Ruthie's mother. The perpetual commemoration keeps growing stronger."  
Of the 20 babies, five were born to the extended Ben-Yishai family, five were born to Itamar residents and at least 10 babies were born throughout the country – mostly to people who didn't even know the Fogels but decided they could not remain indifferent.  
The first baby, Yair Silver from Itamar, was born three days before the massacre. Ruthie Fogel was the one who helped his mother Chana recuperate after giving birth. After the massacre Chana decided to name her son Yair – using the Hebrew initials from Yoav, Elad, Udi and Ruthie's names.
"There is no consolation for what we lost, but each of these new babies show that our children have left a mark, meaning, and strength," said Tali Ben-Yishai.

The commemoration ceremony in Itamar (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

New beit midrash Mishkan Ehud in Itamar (Photo: Gil Yohanan

Meanwhile, on Wednesday the anniversary of the brutal massacre of the Fogel family was marked with a special ceremony in Itamar.
Among those attending were Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, Interior Minister Eli Yishai, senior IDF officers, Knesset members, rabbis and hundreds of civilians. A Torah scroll was be brought into Mishkan Ehud, the new beit midrash inaugurated in memory of the family.
President Shimon Peres sent a letter of condolence to the family in which he wrote: "The year that has passed since that shocking day cannot dull, even a little, the awful pain, the yearning and the sorrow."
The president added that "the massacre victims' legacy to us is one of life that makes our existence as a nation possible."

Yair Altman contributed to the report


Take a journey with Yishai Fleisher in the Jordan Valley

Jewish family makes Jordan Valley desert bloom

Take a journey with United with Israel’s correspondent Yishai Fleisher to a Jewish farm in the Jordan Valley! You will meet a heroic fearless family who are pioneers living in a place surrounded by Palestinians.
Yishai Fleisher (Managing Editor of JewishPress.com) goes with Marc Prowisor (Director of Security Projects for The One Israel Fund) to a young Jewish family's farm in the Jordan Valley. Marc and One Israel Fund deliver special equipment to the farm to improve security.
See their beautiful family and their life building the Jewish homeland and turning the desert green!
At one year anniversary of the murders of the Fogel family in Itamar it is especially important that people understand that Jewish families are making the desert bloom and that they need special equipment and support to make them safe.

Please SHARE this with your family and friends in honor of the Fogel’s memory as Marc Prowisor explains in the video how this very security equipment could have saved the Fogel family.

Moshè birthday and Yahrzeit

The 7th of Adar has the distinction of being both the day of Moshè rabbeinu birth and of his death. Such is the spiritual power of this day that when the wicked Haman thought that Adar would be a good month in which to destroy the Jews, his evil plans were foiled.
The Vilna Gaon said as follows:
The day of Moshe Rabbeinu's passing and day of his birth was the seventh of Adar. 
In most years, this day falls out during the week in which Parshas Tetzaveh is read. 
Now, in the entire Parshas Tetzaveh, Moshe's name is not mentioned, even once. 
This alludes to the fact that Moshe's demise took place during this week.

Rivlin to speak in memory of Fogels

Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin will speak in Itamar on Wednesday night in memory of the five members of the Fogel family murdered in the town one year ago. His speech will be part of festivities celebrating the opening of a new Torah study hall dedicated to the memory of the slain.

a little bit of music...

כי הרבית - אברהם פריד - שיר חדש - כל מה שמעניין

4 year old Elad Fogel (May Hashem avenge him)'s favorite song.


Parashah Tetzaveh with children

The Kohen Gadol cut out figure 

The choshen Mishpat done by my daughters

and the Mitznefess

Purim shalsch manos game with children

Color and cut a Purim basket, a wine bottle, friuts and Hamantaschen the n laminate them.
Put velcro behind every piece and on the basket. Children will enjoy to empy and put together the items in the basket

a little bit of music...

Yosef Karduner - מחרוזת חסידית

Humility means knowing that yours is a precious, powerful soul

Art by Maggidah Shoshannah Brombacher, Ph.D.
Dvar Torah for Parshat Tetzaveh
Based on Likutey Moharan II, 8

As you were reading this week's parsha  I'm sure you noticed something interesting. This is the only parhsa not in the Book of Shemot in which the name of Moshe Rabbeinu does not appear. One reason for this is that after the sin of the golden calf (next week's parsha) Moshe Rabbeinu prayed to Hashem  that He pardon the Jews for their sin. "...but if not, erase me from Your book" (Shemot 32:32). 
Though Hashem did forgive the sin, the words of a tzaddik are so powerful they have an affect even if predicated on a condition. And so Moshe Rabbeinu's name does not appear in the parsha.
This "disappearing act," one example of Moshe Rabbeinu's humility, is a result of his compassion. Moshe Rabbeinu was in a difficult situation. The Jews had been guilty of a grave sin and the Almighty had said that He was going to wipe them out! Did Moshe Rabbeinu say, "What can I do? I'm so insignificant, G.d'll never pay any attention to me" or "Argue with the Creator? Me?" No.
Moshe Rabbeinu knew that humility doesn't mean self-deprecation or proclaiming self-fulfilling prophecies of how you'll never amount to much spiritually. Humility means knowing that yours is a precious, powerful soul capable of becoming evermore holy.
Fortunately for us Moshe Rabbeinu's humility was coupled with another trait we Jews are noted for our: compassion. Genuine compassion for oneself is keeping away from sin and optimizing mitzvah performance. It is genuine because it focuses on our permanent abode, the next world. We must be careful to not let the Sitra Achra (Other Side) leech from our compassion and distort it. Its compassion says to make sure you're nice and comfy in this world. He knows that if you follow his advice, God forbid, you'll get more and more involved in this world at the expense of your preparations for the next. But the Sitra Achra never guarantees success. 

Again snow on Mt. hermon

It is snowing again on Mt. Hermon and look how beautifull is....

Jews be humble but never be stepped on!

Dvar Torah by Rabbi Kahane


Names of Moshe rabbeinu

The medrash Yalkut Shimoni says Moshe Rabbeinu had many names.  Moshe the Torah tells us was given by Basya the daughter of Paroh.  Aside from the torah and Basya it seems that no one else called him Moshe.

His other names and who called him them according to the Medrash were

1. Chaver - by his father Amram
2. Yekusiel - by his mother Yocheved
3. Yered - by his sister Miriam
4. Avi Zanoach - by his brother Aharon
5. Avi Socho - by his nurse
6. Shemaya - by Am Yisroel

Other medrashim mention other names including, 7. Tuvya, 8. Ben Nesanel, 9. Levi, 10. Heiman, and 11. Michokek.

Rabbi riddle says...wipe out!

Parshas Tetzaveh is the only portion in Shemos where Moshe's name is missing. On many occasions, the Jewish people rebelled against G-d. When G-d threatened to destroy the Jewish people and make Moshe the father of a new nation, Moshe said, "If you will not forgive the Jewish people, please wipe me out of your book!"
Although G-d forgave the Jewish people, He still took Moshe's name out of this Parsha. This shows us Moshe's self-sacrifice and Ahavas Yisroel (love of a fellow Jew). It also teaches us that the words of the righteous should not be taken lightly.

Elite spiritual unit

The project was soon nicknamed Mirs Yeshiva a play on words – as one of the most famous yeshivas in Jerusalem is the Mir yeshiva.
"It gives me energy for the day ahead. We're like an elite spiritual unit," said Aviad, 24, an officer in the Golani Brigade who joined the project last year. Sometimes there are dozens of participants and sometimes there are just three. 

Dozens of senior IDF officers, air force pilots, and elite unit troops are getting that little extra spiritual push that helps them get through the tough exercises and combat training: A five minute daily phone-in Torah lesson via conference call.
The phenomenon began seven years ago when a religious air force cadet was concerned that he would end up losing his connection with the religious world, something which had happened to some of his religious friends in the military.  
In order to keep the embers burning, he contacted a relative who is also a rabbi. Every night at 7 pm the cadet would call the rabbi through Mirs Push to Talk services and would then receive a guidance and a torah lesson from the rabbi who would also answer any queries or philosophical issues the cadet had.
Rumors of the lessons took flight and not just in the air force: Religious soldiers and officers who heard about the project, did some digging around, discovered the mysterious rabbi's phone number and joined the daily lessons.
The number of participants grew and according to one soldier who participates in the project, the list held by the rabbi now includes 130 troops and officers. He told Yedioth Ahronoth that among the participants is one Golani Brigade assistant commander, air force pilots, an IDF colonel and elite unit troops.

Strength and spirit before battle

Soldiers of the Golani Brigade singing and dancing before going in to battle during Operation Cast Lead.  One of the soldiers dancing in this video was killed in the battle.

                                 Dvir Immanuelof - May his memory be blessed

posted by Yehuda Gatti

Civilians begin patrolling roads of Judea

Fed up with the incessant rock-throwing attacks on motorists in Judea, Jewish residents of Kiryat Arba have begun patrolling the roads themselves, augmenting the IDF's efforts to maintain order. The patrols are coordinated with the IDF.
According to Chen Tohami, the initiative was born following the murder of Asher Palmer and his son Yonatan, whose car overturned after Arabs in an oncoming car threw a rock that hit Asher's head.
"We felt that we can no longer sit and see our brothers' blood being shed and remain at home," he told Arutz Sheva.
Tohami said that while IDF soldiers are present on the roads, it appears that they are not there in sufficient force to create deterrence. "The fact is that when you need, them they are not always there – that means the forces are not sufficient. It seems there is no deterrence. Maybe there is a policy that makes this situation possible," he added, hinting that the existence of "peace talks" with the local Arab leadership may be hindering effective action against the terrorists.
Tohami says that he hopes other communities will join the initiative.
The civilian patrols are usually manned by 10-20 residents at a time, said Tohami, although some patrols are smaller in size. The residents inform the IDF of every patrol. The patrols have not yet gone into action against rock throwers in real time. "When a situation like that occurs, we will do everything possible to protect Jews," Tohami said, preferring not to elaborate. 


Shiloh Musings: The Rainbow is a Warning, a Reminder, Not a Comfor...

Shiloh Musings: The Rainbow is a Warning, a Reminder, Not a Comfor...: Too many people consider the rainbow a good "sign" and think that it's a promise from G-d never to destroy the world, that there would ne...

Purim happy clown with children

We made a Purim happy clown, ready for Purim as shaloch manos or to enjoy the Adar month
A small-sized soda or water bottle decorated like a happy clown makes an adorable shaloch manos that comes complete with one food type built in…just add mezonos! This shaloch
manos will delight all who receive it.
Your children can assemble and create a shaloch manos that is both attractive and functional to be used on Purim.
Materials Needed:
• 1 bottle of soda, water, or other drink
• 1 3-oz white plastic cup
• 1 9-oz clear plastic cup
• Fun Foam, pink and blue or red
• I big pom pom, several small pom poms as pictured
• Yarn for hair
• Googly eyes
• Fast Grab Tacky Glue

Har HaZeisim

The International Committee for the Preservation of Har HaZeisim calls for the support of people around the world to stop the desicration of this holy cemetery

a little bit of music...

Ofer Chatukah - Al tira Yisrael

"Stoning" attack on Israeli car

Barbarour acts: Zehava Weiss tells about the "Stoning" of her car on the way back home on February 21, 2012. Should Israel governement tolerate...? Would any other state tolerate this...?

Farm in the Jordan valley

Yishai Fleisher goes with Marc Prowisor to a young Jewish family's farm in the Jordan Valley.

boker tov!

Flowers from Eretz Yisrael

 This is believed to be one of the oldest trees in the world...in Tamar, in the Arava.

time to start baking...Hamantaschen!

Cookie Dough Hamantaschen  - DAIRY OR PAREVE -  YIELD: 44 COOKIES
1              cup butter (or margarine)
2              cups sugar
3              large eggs, divided
2              teaspoons vanilla extract
3 1/2       tablespoons orange juice
1              teaspoon baking powder
1/2          teaspoon salt
4            cups flour
Flour for rolling
Prune, poppy seed, apricot, raspberry, cherry, or Double Chocolate Filling
1.    Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease cookie sheets.
2.    Cream butter (margarine) and sugar at medium speed. Beat in 2 eggs, vanilla and juice.
3.    Mix baking powder and salt with flour, gradually add to creamed mixture for sticky dough.
4.    Divide dough into 4 balls and cover with plastic wrap. Chill 4 hours.
5.    Roll each ball on lightly floured surface to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut 3-inch circles.
6.    Beat remaining egg with 1 teaspoon water. Brush rim of circle with egg wash. Place 1 teaspoon of filling in center. Pinch edges to form triangle, leaving center slightly open.
7.    Place on sheets and bake 15 to 18 minutes until lightly browned. Freezes well.


Is the Temple Mount in our hands?

Rabbi Kahane talks about the Temple Mount and the Dream of Zion

Shavua Tov

Shavua Tov!
"The essence of joy is found in the heart." 
 (Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, Likutey Moharan I, 5)
Lamner velivsamim, nafshì meyakhellà, im titenu li kos shel yayin lehavdalah, solu derakhim li panù lenavokhà, pitkhù shearim li kol malakhè ma'alà...


Shabbath Shalom

Times for: Jerusalem, Israel
Candle Lighting: 40 mins. before Shkiah | Time Zone: +2 | DST: no

Date Time    
Friday, February 24, 2012Light Candles at: 4:52 pm
Shabbat, February 25, 2012Shabbat Ends: 6:10 pm

the Keruvim

And the Keruvim shall stretch out their wings on high... and their faces shall look one to another (25:20)
But in another verse (II Chronicles 3:13) it says, "they faced the walls of the room"? 
When the people of Israel fulfilled G-d's will, the Keruvim would face each other; and when the people of Israel did not fulfill G-d's will, the Keruvim would face the walls of the room.

(Talmud, Bava Batra 99a)

a little bit of music..

Shalom Aleichem

Gush Katif , from destruction to renewal

   Four years after the disengagment the communities of Gush Katif are building again.


From the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The availability of silver outweighs the value of gold only because silver is itself valuable; although it is within the mundane, it brings holiness to it. Copper, on the other hand, unlike gold, is currency, but, unlike silver, it is not valuable. It therefore represents someone who lives within the mundane but brings no light into it. The Hebrew word for "copper", "nechoshet", comes from the word for "snake", "nachash". Copper is "snake-metal", a substance that recalls the stubborn impudence of the Primordial Snake's denial of G-d. To merit the Divine Presence they must unite with those on the level of copper….
Yet, the Torah requires that all three metals be a part of the Tabernacle. This is a lesson both to those who perceive themselves as gold and silver and those who think of themselves as copper. The gold and silver Jews must realize that to merit the Divine Presence they must unite with those on the level of copper. And the copper Jews, who are yet imperfect, must know that copper, too, was a part of the Tabernacle, and that they are not absolved of doing their part in bring the Divine Presence down to earth.

Adapted by Moshe Yakov Wisnefsky from Likutei Sichot, vol. 6, pp. 157-60.

making megillat Esther

The different stages in creating a decorated and illuminated Megillah
19 fully illustrated columns, made on parchment using inks and gold-leaf.

Answer to stone throwing...

Rocks and stones that are meant to kill

Look at what we let our enemies get away with, and how about the cameraman who just stands there and films this
Everyone involved should be arrested and then deported or jailed for attempted murder. Enough is enough, rocks have killed dozens of Jews in this country, this is insanity. 
The world needs to see what we're up against.
They should know before speaking who are we dealing with! 

Zehava Weiss of Karmei Tzur recounts the stone throwing attack on Tuesday.

Elazar Aharoni
Elazar Aharoni courtesy of family
Yeshiva Student Brutally Lynched on Mount Hermon
An Ashdod yeshiva student was brutally lynched on Mount Hermon in an attack that began with a nice day on the cable car.

What Happened to Me on Tuesday Last
This past Tuesday, 28 Shvat – February 21, I was returning home to Karmei Tzur from Efrat where I work.
At the Gush Etzion Junction I collect a female hitchhiker who got into a back seat since the front passenger seat was where our infant seat was affixed.  What luck.  While traveling between El-Aroub and Bet-Omar on the ascent I noticed a car approaching from the opposite direction with a damaged front window from a rock that must have previously landed.  I naively presumed that that was the result of an old incident that hadn't yet been fixed.
When I came close to the gas station at Bet-Omar (a location that usually requires a driver's attention due to wrongly parked taxis, bypassing and pulling out into the highway in a careless manner) I observed a man running across the road from right to left.  I first thought that this was a soldier with a rifle and I slowed down to grasp what was happening.  I then noticed dozens of people, old, young and teenagers, congregating on my right.  It then became apparent that the "soldier with a rifle" was actually a photographer with a camera.  He was seeking a better picture angle to snap away at what was about to happen.  On my left were at least two other photographers, waiting for the action.  I should emphasize that I was not the first victim and other cars had already been stoned and so these press photographers were well aware what was happening and was about to happen to me.  None of them, it seems, thought to call for assistance from the police or IDF, none of whom were present. 

Chodesh Tov!

Rosh Chodesh Adar! 
It's here. It's going to be purim in about 15 days!
We need to open our hands for others, not for ourselves. To help them, not just to make ourselves feel 'good.'
We should be matzliach in using these mitzvout of the month to inspire growth in achdut  amongst klal Yisrael. So, bring geula and turning yom kiPURIM into PURIM.
Chodesh tov to everyone.

Spotted in Bnei Brak, Israel today…

From Mystical Paths

Isn't cute?


jewish woman

Art :Spring Moon Ketubah, Judith Joseph
From the Sicha of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

There is a special mission given to Jewish women, each of whom is called the ''mainstay of the home'' for the conduct of the entire home depends on her.
Every Jewish home must be similar to the Sanctuary and Holy Temple in which G-d's presence resided. It must be pure and holy, so that G-d can say ''I can dwell within them''.
Since the woman is the ''mainstay of the home'', it is she who makes the home a sanctuary, similar to the Holy Temple of which G-d says ''I will dwell within them''.

The strongest ‘tree’ in the Golan.

                           Today Golani Brigade marks 64 years protecting Israel.

Thank you. 
The only thing I can say to these heroes, who gave their lives and their spirits in the defense of our Holy Land and our people, is toda.

Baruch Hashem Tzivaot! 


a little bit of music...

Shtar - Restoring My Soul (Modeh) 

Purim time is here

parashah Teruma with children

Because my elder daughter really likes the parashot concerning the Mishkan, we started with the building of the Aaron Chodesh.
You just need a wood box that the children will cover with a gold paint, two wooden sticks to paint in the same way, a printed image of the Keruvim to glue on a gold cardboard and then on the top of the box. Always on the top you can glue a golden cloth tape or ribbon.
Inside we put a golden plastic base and made two blue plasticine tablets, you can even write the Aseret Hadiberot on it with a needle.
My children like a lot to move the Aron Chodesh and then put it in a drawing of the Mishkan.

Almagor terror victims association media alert

Condition of terror victims and relatives in decline

Since the release of 1,027 terrorists from Israeli prisons in October, the health of many of their victims has sharply declined.
Last Wednesday night, Benny Firstatter passed away. Benny's daughter Smadar was murdered in 2003 in the bus 37 suicide bombing in Haifa. Benny used his experience as a senior attorney on the Haifa police force in the successful fight to prevent the perpetrators of the bombing from entering a plea bargain to reduce their jail sentences. Benny was in a poor psychological state ever since his daughter was murdered, but when several
of "his" terrorists were released from jail in October, he took a sharp turn for the worse. In his wife's words, the Shalit deal "finished him<http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/152913>."
Then, over the weekend we lost Yaacov Kinarti of Ofra, whose life largely was spent tending his son Dvir after the boy was severely wounded in a 2008 terrorist attack on a road in the Binyamin region. Yaacov was a respected veteran educator and took part in a number of Almagor public relations activities.
This is in addition to a bereaved relative who committed suicide months ago in response to the release of "his" murderers from prison.
These deaths are reflective of many terror victims and bereaved relatives who since October have closed themselves up at home, severely depressed and unsure of what to do with themselves. The occurrence of various cancers and heart problems in the terror-stricken population is remarkably high. In addition to their frustration and anger at the release of the terrorists, they suffer from bouts of deep depression and hopelessness, and feel betrayed by an Israeli society which seems indifferent to their plight. Meir Indor, director of Almagor, and a son of Holocaust survivors, compares their pain and despair to Holocaust survivors who couldn’t find peace of mind as long as Nazi war criminals walked around free. He says that dozens of bereaved victims managed to overcome their feelings of anger and despair by actively participating in the Almagor public campaign to keep the terrorists in jail, but when the killers went free, their faith in life was shattered.
The Almagor Terror Victims Association would be pleased to provide you with interviews and information on this topic. It is our view that the well-being of the victims of terror has not been given its due in the public discourse since the Shalit abduction in 2006.

For all inquiries please reply to this message or call + 972-52-423-9870.

Thank you.
Almagor Terror Victims Association


Purim game

Put Mordechai on the horse!
It's funny and homemade. Just need some velcro for the horse back and for an image of Mordechai.Then you hang it on a wall, cover your children eyes, make them turn around and the one who puts Mordechai on the horse wins!

Starting making Purim colorfull boards with my children

 The king palace woth Mordechai on the horse
• Bulletin board paper
• Purple and silver paper
• Brown construction paper
• Multi-colored  paper
• Markers
• Scissors
1. Make a background for your bulletin board.
2. Cut out and color the palace shapes and figures of Mordechai, Amman and horse

 Purim mitzvot board
A colorful, eye-catching display that depicts the symbols and mitzvos of Purim in an attractive arrangement. This makes for a pretty bulletin board as well as a visual reminder and review of the mitzvos and symbols of Purim.
Children will familiarize themselves with symbols of Purim and will have their curiosity
stimulated about the holiday by looking at this display.
Materials Needed:
• Copy of figures
• Poster board and cardstock in a variety of colors
• wall paper sample or similar paper for table
• Tape, glue
• Optional items: brown chalk, ribbon in a variety of colors, pompoms, glitter glue,
markers, googlie eyes
Purim mitzvot board 2
A bulletin board which displays the four mitzvos of Purim in the city of Shushan. 
Children will identify the mitzvos of Purim and recognize the written names of the
Materials Needed: 
  purple background paper and silver metallic oaktag
• Pictures and letters of the four mitzvos
• Outlines of castle and pillars
• Lettering for “ ב תוליחתמ םירופ תווצמ - מ ” if wanted
• White card stock

No doubt Purim is coming! Enjoy and hang them on tha wall!


Snow in Hebron

The Ma'arat HaMachpela in Hebron under the snow

a little bit of music...

Amiran Dvir-Ze Hazeman

Arabs throwing stones at Israelis

Watch the clip that shows how Arabs throwing rocks at Israelis and discover the truth about what is happening in Israel!
These sick savages are trying to stone jews to death! 
I think this should be enough. Or must we wait for another victim lynched or stoned to death?
Wouldn't be the time to use bullets and not the ones covered with rubber against these unmoral cowards?  And more: where the police was? Moving away settlers from their homes instead of defending at arabs who try to kill Jews? Lets think about it....


Save the date!

  Information about next month's Rosh Chodesh Prayers.
The Rosh Chodesh Adar Women's Prayers at Tel Shiloh
Friday, February 24, 2012 8:30am
Shiur Torah, Short Tour & Torah Lesson
Please come and invite family, friends and neighbors
תפילת נשים ראש חודש אדר בתל שילה
יום ו' 24-2 8:30
יהיו סיור ודבר תורה קצרים
נא לבוא, לפרסם ולהזמין חברות, משפחה ושכנות

Tel Shiloh is open to visitors daily. Tours can be arranged through the office. 
Email telshilo@gmail.com or phone 02-994-4019.

Postcards from Israel: once more kibbutz Sde Boker

Photos taken by Israelinurse
Here again the biblical ‘Wilderness of Zin’, where Nubian Ibex mingle nonchalantly with the visitors at Sde Boker, south of Israel.

Hasmonean site in Modiin slated for preservation

You can see a sketch of the proposed project below.

 The Heritage and Preservation Committee approved new 13 sites last week, at a cost of 72.5 million shekels. The approved sites include archeological preservation, heritage sites, museums, archives, and cultural initiatives. One of the sites included was Um Al-Umdan, in Modiin. This site shows a full snapshot of life in a Jewish town at the time of the Hasmoneans.
The site is in the Moriah/Buchman neighborhood, near Menachem Begin street.The site shows Jewish residence in the area from the Persian period through the early Arab period. Most of the artifacts found are from a Jewish town in the 2nd century BCE, which stayed active until the Roman period, up until the Bar Cochba revolt in the first half of the 2nd century BCE.
The site has ancient a grid of streets and alleys, and an ancient synagogue, the likes of which there are only a few in Israel. The city of Modiin has been working to have this site recognized as a national preservation site.
There will be three stages in the process. The first step is putting in an access pathway to the site, preservation of the site, replicating the original synagogue walls, and adding signage.
The second stage includes preservation of areas carved into stone in the "residential" part of the site, and installing electricity and lighting. The third stage will be building a visitors center which will serve those coming to learn about the Hasmonean period, including students and families.
Haim Bibas commented, "The National Heritage Program is a wonderful program, which helps archeology and heritage in Israel in unprecedented ways. This is the history of the state of Israel, and the entrance of Um Al-Umdan is important news for Modiin Maccabim-Reut. The standing which is given to the site, and the resources which will be invested in it, will help it become one of the central heritage sites in Israel."


Itamar constructs new religious center in memory of Fogel family

Stonemason and artist Assaf Kidron works on the ark in the new complex in Itamar.
Photo credit: Zev Livni

Next week will mark the first anniversary of the terrorist attack that killed Ehud and Ruth Fogel and three of their children in their home 
A new study and prayer complex will be inaugurated on the first anniversary of their deaths.

Is your Jewish federation money funding the leftist antisemites at media Matters

Yid with Lid draws upon a list presented by the Daily Caller, and pulls out the Jewish foundations that are donating money to the Leftist, antisemitic Media Matters for America, and asks why those foundations are donating (the list above is only partial so make sure to click through to the link). 

Read more here: http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2012/02/is-your-jewish-federation-money-funding.html#links

Iran Attacks Israelis, Burston Attacks David Ha'Ivri - Op-Eds - Israel National News


a little bit of music...

ניגון ר"ה מפאריטש (ב) - הרב יאיר כלב (עצם הנשמה מס' 1)
chassidic nigun R Hilel from Parich