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Shabbath Shalom

There are two types of "sparks" which a person redeems in the course of his life. The first are those which he consciously pursues, having recognized the potential for holiness and goodness in an object or event in his life. The second are opportunities whose potentials are so lofty that they cannot be identified by his humanly finite perception. His redemption of these "sparks" can only come about unwittingly, when his involvement with them is imposed upon him by circumstances beyond his control. 
The Lubavitcher Rebbe

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3 innocent boys murdered by 3 individuals who were taught hate from day one. We need to fix this problem because. In other words do not negotiate with terrorists. Stop freeing murderers. Build on the West Bank. This land is our land.


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אני יהודי

Leah and Rachel

And it came to pass, that in the morning, behold, it was Leah (29:25)
When Jacob said to Rachel, "Will you marry me?" she replied to him: "Yes, but father is a sharper, and you will not be able to hold your own against him."
"I am his equal in trickery," said Jacob.
Asked Rachel: "May the righteous indulge in trickery?"
Said Jacob: "Yes. 'With the pure be pure, and with the crooked be crafty' (II Samuel 22:27)."
So Jacob gave over to Rachel identifying signals [to protect themselves against Laban's deception]. But when Leah was being led into the bridal chamber, Rachel thought, "My sister will now be disgraced," and she entrusted her with these signals... Thus Jacob did not know that it was Leah he married until morning.
(Talmud; Rashi)
All that night, Leah was impersonating Rachel. When Jacob woke in the morning and saw that she was Leah, he said to her: "Daughter of The Deceiver! Why have you deceived me?" Said she to him: "And you, did you not deceive your father, when he asked you, 'Are you my son Esau?'"

Yerushalayim gates


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our Jewish little place: Yaacov's ladder

our Jewish little place: Yaacov's ladder:While traveling, Yaacov encountered "the place...