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Shir lama'alot

Shir lama`alot. -- A Song of Ascents.
Asse einaim el heharim: -- I turn my eyes to the mountains;
me'ain yavo ezri? -- from where will my help come?
Ezri me'im HaShem, -- My help comes from the Lord,
ose shamaim ve'aretz. -- Maker of heaven and earth
Al iten lammot raglecha -- He will not let your foot give way;
al yanum shomerecha. -- your guardian will not slumber;
Hineh, -- See
lo yanum velo yishan shomer Yisrael. -- the guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps!
HaShem shomerecha -- the Lord is your guardian
HaShem tzilcha al yad yeminecha. -- the Lord is your protection at your right hand.
yomam hashemesh lo yakeka -- By day the sun will not strike you,
veyareach balailah. -- nor the moon by night
HaSHem yishmorcha mikol ra'ah -- The Lord will guard you from all harm;
yishmor et nafshecha. -- He will guard your life.
HaShem yishmor tzecha ubo'echa -- The Lord will guard your going and coming
me'ata ve'ad olam. -- Now and Forever

                                    lyrics - Psalm 121 - King David of Israel

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