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And at times it was, that the cloud abode from evening until morning... then they journeyed (9:21)
The Sanctuary was a formidable structure, consisting of hundreds of foundation sockets, wall sections, pillars, tapestries and furnishings; a work crew of several thousand Levites assembled the Sanctuary at each camp and dismantled and transported it when the Divine command would come to move on. Yet the "Tent of Meeting" was erected at every encampment--even if only for a single day!
This teaches us that each and every one of our "stations" in life is significant unto itself. A person may find him or herself in a certain place or in a certain situation for a very brief period, and it may seem to him that he is merely "on the way" to some other place. Yet there is always something in that place or situation to be sanctified--something that can serve as a "Tent of Meeting" between Heaven and earth.
(The Lubavitcher Rebbe)

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