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Shabbath Shalom

This is Pharaoh's way: Only some of the population needs to be involved in spiritual efforts. What does Moshe, the faithful shepherd, say?: Our youth, whether in age or in wisdom, with our elders, with our sons and daughters. It is only when we go all together, with no one left behind, that it is truly a holiday for G-d. This is what the Zohar teaches on the verse in Eishes Chayil (an idea also discussed in the book of Tanya): "Noda b'sha'arim baala," "Her husband is known at the gates." "Her husband" is a reference to the Almighty. "Sha'arim" means "gates" but can also mean "to imagine" or "to estimate." Everyone can know G-d according to how they imagine or gauge (sha'arim) in their minds their relationship with Him. Everyone has the ability and the responsibility to know G-d, but in the way that is appropriate and unique for them. And the only way for our G-dly service to be complete is for everyone to come to it together, men and women, young and old. 
Rabbi Shaul Yosef Leiter, director of Ascent

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